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There are not many things that are as tasty and enjoyable as a wonderful cookie. They need to crumble the right way, not be too hard or soft, just right. They have to be perfect to dunk in your tea or coffee, keep it’s shape and not fall apart when you dunk them, but also soft enough to eat without dunking.

The perfect cookie I found that is best for all occasions to eat with or without dunking is the custard cookie. This must be one of the best inventions ever. It is so soft and crumbly, but the filling gives it a little crunch. The taste is so good that you will want to go back for more.

The trick with baking them WELL is make sure they bake long enough. If you remove them from the oven too early they will be too soft and just disintegrate when you eat them. If you bake them too long they will burn so you don’t want that either. You need to keep them in long enough to give a beautiful colour and make them just a little harder. They then melt in you mouth when you eat them.

The taste of custard it very strong, but also subtle at the same time. The addition of corn flour to the flour makes it so lovely and crumbly, but also soft enough to eat and enjoy. These are beautiful cookies and you will not be disappointed.

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About the Author Lizel Salter

I was born in Vanderbijlpark, South Africa and grew up in Vereeniging. The first time I left home was in 2002 to go to England on a working holiday. Met my husband halfway around the world, got married in South Africa and now have 2 beautiful children. One boy and one girl... Started writing down recipes I grew up with when I was living in England and love sharing them with others. Buy my downloadable book and keep all the recipes together!

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