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Lizel Says: The Ultimate Guide to South African Cooking

Recipes from South Africa English Edition
A fully updated version to keep me and you up to date :)
  • Includes Photos. To keep the book size lower for download, we could not include images from each recipe, however there are pictures throughout the book to give you ideas and inspiration
  • Over 130 Recipes. No need to go hungry here! Inside you will find family favourites and more. From Sunday evening rain food (we love our Pannekoek), to get together's, cakes, main meals and treats to share. 
  • South Africa Included. Whilst I cannot give you the sunshine, I can share a little history and some inspiring information about my country. All included inside the book to give you a sense of being there before you rustle up a Braai (BBQ to Some)

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English versions:
Recipes from South Africa, full downloadable book
Gluten Free SA - Baking and other treats
Tarts and Treats
Cookies and Cakes

Afrikaanse weergawes:
Resepte vanuit Suid-Afrika - die volle e-boek
Terte en bederfies
Smullekker koekies

Gluten Free version:
Gluten SA, baking and other treats

Susan, Pharmacist
"The thing I enjoyed most about the recipes in this book is that they are not overly complicated and uses ingredients that are readily available! The easy directions make cooking a breeze, even for the most untrained cook! All recipes are household favourites and if it is new to you, you would soon find many favourites of your own among the many traditional South African recipes! I would recommend this book and all the recipes especially the Banana Bread for everyone!" – Susan

In the Book, You Will Discover:

Food Glorious Food

Food is so important to our everyday lives, it is part of who we are. You can use food to express yourself and cooking recipes you grew up with can give you comfort and take you back to an easier time when your mother was still looking after you every day...  This book consists of a collection of recipes that means the world to me, that my mother used to cook and still does.  Now I continue what she started with my children.  Why don't you do the same?

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I will be using Facebook as a platform to share recipes and new ideas.  Why  not joint us and start a conversation of your memories?  Let us know how your recipes came out and what you found easy and difficult.  Share photos of your food and let us know your own ideas.  Make sure you keep visiting the site for new recipes and ideas.

Recipe Cards also Included

This is a wonderful tool.... Rather than having to go through the whole book and trying to see which recipes you want to try and having to write down which ingredients to purchase, why not just print the recipe card?  You will be able to print a selection of individual recipes that you can pop in your bag or pocket when you go to the shop.  This will make your grocery shopping very easy and you won't miss an ingredient!

I am Real - Email Me!

If you have any questions, why not sent me an email?  I will answer your questions at  Otherwise you are more than welcome to speak to us via my blog.

About the Author: Lizel Salter

Mother of two, living the life in the sun in South Africa and married to Martin Salter. 
Lizel is dedicated to bringing you real and simple recipes to explore.
You can connect with her on Facebook and via this web site. "I lived in the UK for over 7 Years and this book kept me close to home at all times with little reminders of great food, friends, family and life outdoors. If you want to share the experience, grab a copy of my book today".

What People Are Saying

"I like the variety of recipes found in this book as well as the easiness in preparing them. Being South African myself, I was taken back to my childhood when I read through the recipes. A must have for everyone to try." – Judy
Koba and Suzaan

"Two sisters living in Jeffreysbaai we love baking as much as we can! The cookie recipes are a hit and very easy to make. The whole family enjoys it very much." – Koba and Suzaan

Alet, Retired
"It is wonderful having all the recipes I use everyday together in one book. All the recipes are on individual pages and can easily be printed off on its’ own. So if you need to go shopping, why not print the recipe and take it with?" - Alet
Corlia, Stock Purchaser
"This is one awesome recipe book from my sister. You have done a great job of sharing all these great and delicious recipes right out of S.A. Can’t wait for the next one!!!" – Corlia
Ruza, Farmer

"I found the illustrations of the recipes inside the book inspirational and very helpful. At least you can compare the end result to the pictures in the book.  I will be cooking and baking for a long time to come." - Ruza

Sue, Manchester UK

I was lucky enough to have a meal cooked for me by the author. I had never tasted traditional African recipes before. I have to say I was hooked! The Chicken Bobotie is now a family favourite. The recipes in this book all have a secret ingredient and that is love. For me I found all the recipes I have tried are most definitely food from the heart. Thank you so much for sharing this with me. I miss you and your cookies xxx

Recipe Cards Now Also Included

recipe cards included

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English version Recipes from South Africa 2
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